A continuum of models

Consensus about the relationship between curriculum elements, their order and their exact nature has largely evaded those writing in the field of curriculum. Views of what are the curriculum process is about or, more accurately, what it should be concerned with, abound in the literature. A representative sample of the more significant viewpoints has been included in the form of a continuum of curriculum models.

The continuum depicts two extremes of the curriculum process as seen in figure2.1. The rational or objectives models are sequential, rather rigid approaches to viewing the curriculum process, while at the other example may be found dynamic or interaction models, which view curriculum processes as flexible, interactive and modifiable. In between, models gradually change from one type to the other.

It is possible to distinguish cyclical model are those that are rational in approach, but are becoming increasingly more flexible in applications.  Each of these models will be examined in some detail, with emphasis placed upon particular proponents of models. Figure 2.1 shows the relationship between these models and the names of their developers.
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