Curriculum Practice

There is substantial evidence from the literature, research and by observation to inform us that classroom teachers are not actively engaged in using models in their curriculum development. This is particularly evident at the school level mentioned in the previous chapter (Brady, 1981; Tom; 1977; Cohen and Harrison, 1982; Deschamp, 1983; Print, 1985a, 1986b). Some of the reasons forwarded for This situation are:

  1. Lack of teacher understanding of curriculum models and the process of curriculum development.
  2. Insufficient Experience, both practically and theoretically, with curriculum models.
  3. Inadequate amount of time in which to enquire about and apply curriculum models.
  4. Lack of support form colleagues for employing curriculum models.
  5. Numerous and frequently conflicting conceptions of the nature of curriculum and curriculum development.
  6. A misconception of the terms ‘model’ and ‘algorithm’. Teachers avoid the former but use the latter, often unknowingly.

Regardless of the reasons, and whether educators refer to models theories, paradigms or algorithms, it is essential that curriculum developers bring conceptual consideration to their task. If they are to overcome the weakness inherent in intuitive approaches to curriculum development, some sound theoretical underpinning to the curriculum process is essential.
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